K2 Winter – Returning! Part 2

We have asked Janusz Majer, the manager of the Polish Winter Himalayan Program 2016-2020 named after Artur Hajzer, for comments on the next Winter K2 conquest planned by the Polish team in the winter 2019/2020.

Piotr Chmielinski (PCH) Have you considered the implementation of the K2 expedition in the winter of 2018/2019? What influenced the decision to postpone the expedition for the winter of 2019/2020?

Janusz Majer (JM)– Yes, we were considering that option. Part of the team was behind this year’s deadline. However, the realities decided what was feasible. We need time to secure sponsors. Sending our equipment in the summer will reduce the costs. Generally logistics is the issue.

PCHAren’t you concerned that someone else will try this year to get to K2 in the winter and climb to the top?

JM – We are not afraid. On the other hand, the mountain is for everyone. Everyone can try.

PCHAre you considering an expedition with the same lineup as previously? Will the group be the same size or smaller?

JM– The group will be similar when it comes to the number of participants. The core of the team will be the members of the expedition 2017/2018.

PCHWhat about Denis Urubko, will he be considered as a participant of the new expedition?

JM– Probably not.

PCHWhat will the composition of the expedition management look like?

JM– Krzysztof Wielicki and I certainly, as members of the organizing committee, we will be preparing this trip, as it was before. The decision on the expedition leader has not been made yet.

PCHWhat are the most important lessons learned from the latest expedition to K2? Which of them will have the most important significance for the planned expedition in 1.5 years?

JM – We will leave earlier in the season. The expedition should reach the base on December 21st-22nd. Selected route: Abruzzich Rib. The team: about 12 people.

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