He’s an Alien: Kilian Jornet Runs 485Km, Up 177 Peaks, in 8 Days

On Oct. 10, Kilian Jornet concluded a frenetic ascent spree in the Pyrenees. Over eight days, he ascended 177 3,000’ers, covered 485.65km, completed more than 43,000m of elevation gain, and put in over 155 hours of physical activity.

Jornet started with Frondella in Huesca, Spain, and continued on through the Pyrenees, with climbs including Balaitus, Garmo Negro, Vignemale, Cilindro de Marbore, Monte Perdido, Pic Long, Posets, Aneto, Sayo, and Montcalm. He finished on Pica d’Estats.

Kilian Jornet on the summit of Posets.

Kilian Jornet on the summit of Posets. Photo: Avisuals


Rediscovering the Pyrenees

“Rediscovering the peaks that I no longer remembered has been a spectacular experience, physically, emotionally, and mentally,” Jornet said. “On the other hand, it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Right now, I am exhausted but very happy. I have enjoyed every step and accumulated memories to last a lifetime.”

During his childhood, Jornet lived in the Pyrenees with his family, so it was a happy return. Jornet had planned some races this year but could not compete because of injury. After recovering, he started to think about some new projects and turned his attention to the Pyrenees mountains.

Kilian Jornet ascending on one of the 3,000'ers.

Kilian Jornet on one of 177 peaks. Photo: Avisuals


“I had this idea in my head but I didn’t know if it would be possible or was too crazy. After getting advice from people who know the routes of the Pyrenees very well, I decided to do it,” Jornet said.

It was a tough eight days. Several of the ridges he ascended required high technical skills. Some days, he traversed 40 summits. In one stretch, he trekked 39 hours without stopping.

Kilian Jornet on one of the summits.

Kilian Jornet on one of the summits. Photo: Avisuals

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