Kristin Harila Summits Makalu With the Rope-Fixing Team

As expected, the rope-fixing team summited Makalu today. Kristin Harila, supported by Tenjen Sherpa and Lakpa Sherpa Lama, topped out with them. Lakpa Sherpa led the rope fixers.

The summit group included Chhiring Namgyal Sherpa, Dorchi Sherpa, Angdemba Sherpa, Furtemba Sherpa, Pema Sherpa, and Ang Dawa Sherpa. They summited at 8:35 am.

Later the same morning, at 11:05 am, Imagine Nepal’s team of Raul Erik Helander from Sweden, Pemba Chhiri Sherpa, and Ngima Nuru Sherpa topped out too.

Lama stands on Shishapangma's summit.

Tenjen Sherpa Lama on Shishapangma’s summit a few weeks ago. Photo: Seven Summit Treks

Speeding up again

According to the 8,000’ rankings (which only take into account climbers reaching each peak’s true summit), Harila completed the 14×8,000’ers faster than any other climber.

But Harila is not done. She is hoping to beat her own speed record this year, hopping from base camp to base camp and joining summit pushes as they happen. Harila is aiming to complete all 14×8,000’ers in just six months and Makalu marks the third peak in this project. However, she will have to hurry if she wants to summit the Nepali 8,000’ers before the arrival of the monsoon rains at the beginning of June.

Angela Benavides

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