Lhotse South Wall Summit Push: C4 established in high winds

Latest from Hong (4 pictures)
(Kyu Dam Lee/S Korea) In the previous update Mr Hong told Kyu Dam Lee, our correspondent in South Korea, the summit attempt last week was aborted due to a big storm at 7850 m.

Hong and 4 sherpas planned to return to the upper slopes within a few days to establish camp 4 and attempt summit from there after a few days of rest.

Latest from the mountaineer (this morning) is that the team went up and tried to pitch C4 at 8100 which proved unsuccessful, however they did eventually establish high camp at 8000 m from where they hope to try and push for summit.

The team says they have very strong winds (more than 70 km/h), not only high up but even down in BC, destroying some tents. “The wind may prove a deciding factor of the result of the expedition” the message said.

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