Lhotse South Wall Update

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In the previous update from the only remaining 8000 meter attempt in Himalaya currently, Mr Hong said his party would attempt the summit around November 12.

In an email this morning to Kyu Dam Lee, our correspondent in South Korea, Hong said the attempt was aborted due to a big storm at 7850 m. The wind released rock fall on the face and the climb became too dangerous.

Hong has returned to base camp from camp 3, and the party is awaiting a new weather window. Despite the ordeal the team is in good health except for the expedition camera man who suffered a small but painful frostbite to his finger.

Mr Hong plans to return to the upper slopes in a few days with 4 sherpas, to establish camp 4 and attempt summit from there after a few days of rest.

The reason for this strategy is that camp 3 is too crammed and is therefore only used as a cache for gear right now.

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