Looking For Readers

Seeking alpine climbers to read a few chapters of my second novel.
I am currently working on the final chapters of my novel “The Last Mountain” (WT), a story about three women vying to be the first female climber to summit all fourteen of the world’s 8,000 meter mountains.

I am not a climber, but have been interested in and read extensively about mountaineering for about the past thirty years. A group of confidants and readers of my first novel, have read the manuscript and are enthusiastic in their praise and in their anticipation of the publication of “The Last Mountain”.

My first novel, “Redemption Mountain”, was published by Henry Holt and Company in 2012, and continues to sell well in the U.S. and Europe. This book has nothing to do with mountaineering. It is a romantic adventure novel, using a backdrop of mountaintop removal coal mining in West Virginia.

There are three early chapters in “The Last Mountain” that detail one of the climbers attempt to summit Cho Oyu in the winter. Sophie Janot, from Argentiere, is late to the contest and needs to climb Cho, and then Gasherbrum II in the spring before taking on K2, the last mountain for the three women.

I would like to find some climbers – specific experience unimportant – to read these few chapters and offer any opinion on, or point out any blunders in the description of the climbing activities. Simply curious mountaineering readers are also very welcome. These three chapters, while not contiguous, make up, I think a nice little story in themselves and don’t suffer from being extracted from the main narrative — a “crackin’ good story!” as one of my Brit friends described them.

Easiest would be to just send me an email: gerryf@fandmadvertising.com and I will respond with the three chapters attached as a pdf.

Thank you sincerely for any interest in my story.

Gerry FitzGerald, Springfield, Massachusetts