Manaslu and Laila Peak Summit Tries Aborted

Both Alex Txikon’s team on Manaslu and the Polish climbers on Laila Peak are back in Base Camp after aborting their summit pushes.

On Laila Peak, the avalanche hazard forced the climbers down from 5,500m.

Laila Peak Base Camp. Photo: Kukuczka Foundation


On Manaslu, the five would-be summiters turned around because of strong winds while they were on the ramp leading to Camp 4. Txikon also mentioned some avalanche-prone areas with lots of unstable snow.

The weather forecast looks poor for the next 10 days, but Txikon is not ready to give up. “The weather is very changeable,” he said. “The forecasts failed today, so we’ll check the situation day to day and launch a new push if conditions improve.”