Manaslu new route attempt ends in surprise summit

Alberto Zerain and Mariano Galvan top out via normal route. Galvan in 48 hrs.

Last week we reported Alberto Zerain and Mariano Galvan launched a September 27th summit attempt on Manaslu. They aborted the attempt after losing their camp 2, deciding to try again via the normal route.

In a twist, Alberto came back to Base Camp, while his Argentinian partner went up again to go forth with the new route attempt.

Desnivel reports Galvan spent 4 days in solitary confinement on the slopes, where he bivouacked three nights, supposedly without food or water. He then descended to BC and watched Zerain launching his summit push on the normal route Sunday.

As Zerain worked the slopes, Galvan surprisingly showed up, reaching the top in a non-stop attack taking only 48 hours. He was beginning the descent when Zerain approached the summit today.

The dramatic ascent was reported difficult in deep snow and blizzard conditions. Details on Desnivel (Spanish)


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