Manaslu Summit Push

Horia and Hamor going for it tonight

Shisha Pangma summit attempt was announced this morning and now news arrived from the Slovak-Romanian team that Peter Hamor and Horia Colibasanu will go for Manaslu summit today, May 4, according to news coming from Horia yesterday via sat phone.

In an announcement on Pythom, the climbers said the will attempt to open a new route on Manaslu (8,163m), Northside. They use no supplementary oxygen or high-altitude Sherpa. The climb is a repeat from last year’s attempt, read Peter Hamor’s interview with Explorersweb about the details.

Tonight’s push goes on the standard route, to acclimatize. The new line attempt will follow after that.

Romanian-born Colibășanu successfully climbed Manaslu in 2006, with Spaniard Iňaki Ochoa de Olza (1967-2008) as rope partner.

Peter Hamor is known for summiting Annapurna alone and enduring a bivouac in a dug out ice cave on top.

(Editor’s note: the story originally said tonight’s summit push would go on the new line, which has been corrected.)

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