Marketing and Client Relationship Manager

Since our relaunch in April 2018, ExWeb traffic has built a team of writers and brought onboard some of the most notable figures in the arena of exploration and adventure as ambassadors of the ExWeb brand. We publish an average of 6 quality articles a week in the niche field of extreme adventure and exploration, including expedition reports, interviews with world-class explorers and athletes, gear reviews, and discussions of the core topics of adventure.
As a result, ExWeb is seeing massive growth according to every index – for example, traffic to the site is showing an increase of 50% over the same period year-on-year.

We have achieved this with zero income, but this is just the start. We plan to further increase our reporting functions and – more interestingly – to develop the community functions of the site. To do this, we need funds. As such, we are now seeking a marketing and client relationship manager to facilitate partnerships between ExWeb and other suitable brands.

We have the traffic; now we need the partners.

If this opportunity is something at which you could excel, please get in touch.

Your responsibilities

  • Help ExWeb refine and develop its value proposition for potential partners
  • Identify brands that are a good fit for partnership with ExWeb and build relationships with the decision-makers in the marketing department
  • Pitch to potential partners
  • Manage / facilitate a good relationship between the partners you secure and ExWeb

Application criteria

The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following:

  • Deep familiarity with the ExWeb brand
  • Success in client relationship management
  • A proven track record in B2B media sales


The position will be 100% commission based. The successful candidate will receive a percentage of every partnership contract s/he secures for the duration s/he actively manages the relationship, and for a period thereafter.


Please apply by mail, demonstrating your suitability for the role.