Mbientlab Launches the Whipper, a Wearable Climbing Tracker That Brings Tech to the Crag

MbientLab introduces the Whipper, wearable tech for rock climbers that keeps track of your climbing performance in a $99 clip-on.

Made specifically by and for climbers, the Whipper provides the stats you need to help advance your climbing technique and endurance.

Users can check out their vertical foot gain, incline, pace, effort level, altitude, location and more on the Whipper App.

“It is time to revolutionize the sport of rock climbing.” – Matt Baker, MbientLab CTO.

For years, the Whipper team has worked hard to finally find the right motion and pressure sensors to ensure precise feedback—whether it is used at the climbing gym or on a multi-pitch weekend expedition.

“This sport is growing so fast, it is on the ticket for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics! The Whipper will become the personal coach of professional climbers and amateurs alike.” – Yu Suo, MbientLab CPO.

The Whipper is friendly to climbers of all skill levels. The smart coach feature on the App provides performance-based advice, training modes, and supplemental exercises. Whether it is a big wall project at Yosemite or the next level bouldering problem at the gym, the Whipper helps users reach goals and improve.

“The App even helps me plan a weekend trip to Bishop by planning the entire expedition for me – including the dreaded email invites.” – Laura Kassovic, MbientLab CEO.

The Whipper App offers users a range of social tools to aid in improvement and brings the community together. Whipper users have the option to challenge friends, find a belay partner, track team progress, and much more.

The Whipper team cares about giving back; we are connecting with non-profits to allow Whipper users in the global community to climb for a good cause. For every 1000 feet climbed, the team is donating $1 to the AccessFund.

To make the best tracker possible, the Whipper team is launching an Indiegogo campaign and the unit price is just $99 for early backers.

May 3rd launch here: https://igg.me/at/whipper

You can sign up to be an ambassador at https://thewhipper.com.

The Whipper, by MbientLab, is based on the professional experience of a team with over 15 years in product engineering and more than 12 products on the market.