Sixth Fatality: Climber Dies at Camp 4 on Everest

Victor Brinza from Moldova passed away at Camp 4 on Everest today. Around him, a wave of climbers passed up and down in another summit wave.

Brinza climbed with Himalayan Traverse Adventure. (A Moldova newspaper avers that his real name was Victor Melnic.) There are no details about the cause of death, or whether he was on the way up or down from the summit. On its Facebook page, the outfitter only reported that the team had reached Camp 3 last Friday. Some days before, they published the picture below. The man in the beard and cap is Victor Brinza.

Climbers inside a helicopter, Brina gives a thumbs-up with black cap, snglasses and headphones.

Victor Brinza (right) approaches Everest some weeks ago. Photo: Dawa Sherpa/Himalayan Traverse Adventure


Brinza is the sixth fatality on Everest this season. Three Nepalis died in a serac collapse in the Icefall, a U.S. climber perished at Camp 2, and Phurba Sherpa, climbing with Nepal’s Army team, reportedly died yesterday during his descent from the summit.

Many summits

Today, a large number of climbers are summitting Everest and Lhotse, and we’re beginning to see the summit photos from those who topped out yesterday. Local media report on some minor firsts and summits from somewhat public personalities.  These include the first Cuban, Ang Rita’s grandson, Tenzing Jangbu Sherpa, UK adventurer Aldo Kane (who previously rappelled into an active volcano while filming for the BBC), and a pair that The Himalayan Times called “Ukraine’s richest ex-minister couple.”

Clearly, the Everest season is now in full swing.

Regular Everest guides Kami Rita Sherpa of Nepal and Kenton Cool of the UK broke their own records. It was the 27th Everest summit for Kami Rita and the 17th for Cool. As usual, Kami Rita guided a Seven Summit Treks group, while Kenton Cool worked as a private guide for Richard Walker. They reached the summit today at 6:05 am, supported by Dorji Gyaljen Sherpa and Siddhi Tamang.

There is no news of other climbers who summited Everest or Lhotse without supplementary oxygen.

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