Pakistanis Summit Gasherbrum I

This morning, all six members of the Pakistani team, plus Sanu Sherpa of Nepal and Naoko Watanabe of Japan, summited Gasherbrum I.

From the Pakistani team, Sirbaz Khan, Sajid Sadpara, and Imtiaz Sadpara summited without supplementary O2. Sohail Sakhi, Shehroze Kashif, and Naila Kiani climbed with O2.

At just 20 years old, Kashif bagged his 10th 8,000’er. Both Khan and Watanabe nabbed their 12th 8,000’ers, and Kiani summited her third.

Sirbaz Khan, in t-shirt and sunglasses, poses with K2 in back ground on a sunny day in K2 Base Camp

Sirbaz Khan a few days ago at K2 Base Camp. Photo: Sirbaz Khan

Descending now

The summiters are descending, hoping to reach Camp 1 today. Situated on the Gasherbrum Glacier, climbers heading up both Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II use Camp 1. Most spend a night there to get some rest before traversing the crevassed glacier the next morning.

Sajid Sadpara of Pakistan posing for a photo in an orange high-altitude suit

Sajid Sadpara. Photo: Sadpara’s home team


Every climber involved in the two Gasherbrum summit pushes this week reached the summit. It shows how much success rates have increased on traditionally tricky 8,000’ers. Most climbers, especially guides, use oxygen, and Sherpas have already fixed the ropes. On this push, it is unclear whether any rope were fixed above Camp 3.

Sanu Sherpa some days ago on Gasherbrum II’s summit. Photo: Sanu Sherpa

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