Mr. Nam abandoned Kalahari Desert crossing Updated

Extreme heat and too soft sand.
(By Kyu-Dam Lee, Pythom, South Korea / Updated Nov 9 / Two Kalahari photos added Nov, 12) Mr. Young-Ho Nam sent over news that he had abandoned his expedition to cross ‘the Kalahari desert’ in Southern Africa 100 km from the starting point (in Maun, Botswana) with symptoms of heat stroke and dehydration.

Nam said that in October (local late spring) the desert was much hotter than expected (above 40℃ in daytime). Nam and his partner had to pack more water than he originally intended which made the trailer (originally about 70 kgs) heavy and hard to move in soft sand.

On the phone today, Mr Nam said he plans to return to Kalahari after his expedition to Patagonia in 2016. He’ll bring the same trailer but choose a different season (winter, May to August) and pack lighter, especially in terms of camera and power gear.

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