Nanga Parbat Search Begins – K2 Climbers Ready to Help

A full-scale rescue operation is unfolding on Nanga Parbat, where Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard are missing. A helicopter has departed Skardu and is searching the mountain’s Diamir Face right now. Accompanying the crew is Ali Sadpara, who summited Nanga Parbat in winter back in 2016, together with Simone Moro.

Meanwhile on K2, the Kazakh-Russian-Kyrgyz team, asked yesterday to help by Nardi’s travel operator, has agreed to participate in the rescue if needed, as long as they can be air-transferred from the Karakorum to Nanga Parbat in western Pakistan. The recent increase of hostilities between India and Pakistan on border territories has led to a shut-down of air space in some areas, including over K2. Four members of the team are ready and willing to participate in rescue operations.

Further news is expected later today, either from the air search crew or the climbers’ Base Camp staff, who constantly watch the face for some sign of movement.

Tracker showing Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard's last reported position on Nanga Parbat's Mummery Spur

Tracker showing Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard’s last reported position on Nanga Parbat’s Mummery Spur. Photo: Daniele Nardi

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