Nanga Parbat: Pakistani Pair Rescued From Camp 1

All has ended well on Nanga Parbat. Shehroze Kashif and Fazal Ali managed to reach Camp 1 under their own power. From here, a Pakistan Aviation helicopter airlifted them to Gilgit. Both seem to be in good health and spirits. Neither had any visible signs of frostbite or injury.

The pair reported that they summited Nanga Parbat at 8:45 am on July 5 but lost contact with Base Camp some hours later as the weather worsened. The following morning, as the skies cleared, they were spotted descending to Camp 3.

Today, they proceeded to Camp 2, then down the Kinshoffer Wall and the ice gully to Camp 1. The helicopter picked them up from that point. It is unclear whether this was a long-line rescue.

Kashif felt well enough to record a video with rescuer Gelje Sherpa.

A smiling Kashif in the helicopter, along with a pilot and one other

Inside the helicopter. Photo shared on social media by Ali Hassan


Kashif and Gelje Sherpa

Gelje Sherpa and Shehroze Kashif at the airport. Photo: Gelje Sherpa

Gelje Sherpa and Shehroze Kashif on a couch. Kashif still wears his climbing harness

Rescuer and rescued: Gelje Sherpa and Shehroze Kashif. Photo: Karrar Haidri

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