More Nanga Parbat Summits

A second group of climbers summited Nanga Parbat today, following up on the earlier successful push on June 26. This time, climbers topped out later in the day. They mentioned the lack of visibility and no ropes fixed previously after 7,300m.

Naila with a woolen cap and mountains in background under the sunset lights.

Naila Kiani and Samina Baig summited Nanga Parbat today and became the first two local women to successfully climb the peak. Kiani is back in Camp 3 for the night. Photo: Naila Kian/Facebook


Members of Seven Summit Treks began to reach the summit at 11 am and Karakorum Expeditions around noon. (Most of their local climbers went without bottled oxygen.)

8K/Summit Karakoram, Pioneer Expeditions, Imagine Nepal, and EliteExped also reached the top. Anja Blacha of Germany and Csaba Varga of Hungary summited without oxygen or personal sherpa support. Varga reported summiting very late, at 3 pm.

Csaba looking out from his small tent's gate.

Csaba Varga. Photo: Hazajaro/Facebook


Most of today’s climbers are pursuing the 14×8000’ers so will head to the Gasherbrums next week. Among them are Naila Kiani and Samina Baig of Pakistan, Uta Ibraini of Albania-Kosovo, Josette Valloton of Switzerland, and Chris Warner of the U.S.

Tunc Findik (already back in Islamabad) told ExplorersWeb that the sherpas fixed ropes up to 7,500m during the previous summit push. “The weather was snowy between us and them, so the ropes were probably buried today,” Findik noted.

There are no summit pictures yet, but Hugo Ayaviri posted a video on June 26:

There is no news about summits on Broad Peak, but climbers on neighboring K2 report rough weather, so everyone may be waiting. On K2, 8K’s rope-fixing team completed the route to Camp 2, despite snow and high winds.

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