Nanga Parbat Summits

Climbers summited Nanga Parbat today. The summit group was larger than expected, thanks to a few last-minute additions, namely, Kristin Harila and her sherpa team, and Mexico’s Viridiana Alvarez.

Nanga Parbat is the 10th peak for Harila and Tenjen Sherpa in their 14×8,000’er race. Tenjen Sherpa has led Harila’s sherpa team on all her 8,000m summits so far this year.

The climbers dressed in high altitude gear but posing in an indoor setting.

Tenjen Sherpa, left, and Kristin Harila. Photo: Kristin Harila/Facebook


Coincidentally, Pasdawa Sherpa was also on the summit today. Last year, Pasdawa was one of two Nepalese climbers who supported Harila on her first attempt to summit the 14×8,000’ers in six months. Pasdawa, working with 8K Expeditions, topped out on Nanga Parbat with American Gina Marie Han-Lee and Nawang Sherpa.

Left to right, Nawang Sherpa, Gina Marie Han-Lee, and Pasdawa Sherpa. Photo: 8K


More 14×8,000m finishers

Sophie Lavaud, climbing with Dawa Sangay, Francois Damilano, and Ulysse Lefebvre, completed her 14×8,000’ers quest today. So did Tunc Findik of Turkey, who was climbing without oxygen. (It is not yet confirmed whether he completed the full ascent that way.)

Sajid Sadpara of Pakistan also summited without oxygen.

Lavaud with sun glasses and yellow-blue fleece, with a snowy background.

Sophie Lavaud. Photo: Seven Summit Treks


Most of today’s summiters were outfitted by Seven Summit Treks (SST). SST submitted a list of 20 confirmed names:

1. Kristin Harila (Norway)
2. Tenjen Sherpa “Lama” (Nepal)
3. Pasang Nurbu Sherpa (Nepal)
4. Nima Rinji Sherpa (Nepal)
5. Sophie Lavaud (holds French, Swiss, and Canadian nationalities)
6. Dawa Sangay Sherpa (Nepal)
7. Dendi Sherpa (Nepal)
8. Pasang Tenji Sherpa (Nepal)
9. Alina Pekova (Russia)
10. Sajid Ali Dadpara (Pakistan)
11. Tunc findik (Turkey)
12. Nima Dorje Sherpa (Nepal)

13. Viridiana Alvarez (Mexico)
14. Lakpa Temba Sherpa (Nepal)
15. Yousuf Ali (Pakistan)
16. Imtiaz Ali Sadpara (Pakistan)
17. Francois Damilano (France)
18. Ulysse Lefevre (France)
19. Ming Temba Sherpa (Nepal)
20. Lakpa Temba Sherpa (Nepal)

Tunc Findik holding a Turkish flag.

Tunc Findik. Photo: Seven Summit Treks


Another 10 climbers could summit later today.

Reports from Base Camp note that the weather is worsening, but another window in early July could permit more summits. Meanwhile, a large number of climbers are starting the approach trek to K2 and Broad Peak from Skardu. They aim to reach Base Camp by the end of the week.

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