Nepal Steps Back on Quarantine for Travelers

Did we say quarantine? Well, today we suggest that you check twice for sudden changes of mind from Nepal’s authorities. Barely 24 hours after announcing that all foreigners from 67 countries had to quarantine in a hotel for seven days after arriving in Kathmandu, the measure has been “postponed until further notice”.

The original restriction affected travelers from most European countries, the U.S., and parts of Asia, where the Omicron variant of COVID is spreading fast. After the seven-day lockdown, foreigners would have to obtain a negative PCR test before moving freely within the country.

Furtenbach Adventures tests members for COVID in Everest Base Camp last spring. Photo: Furtenbach Adventures


The Department of Tourism told The Himalayan Times that the Health Ministry recommended the measure. It was then shelved at the suggestion of Nepal’s COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre, which thought that such a strict position would adversely affect international tourism.

The postponement doesn’t mean that the quarantine won’t reappear at any moment. Travelers heading to Nepal should check for updates before boarding the plane. It’s also wise to keep the trip as flexible as possible and avoid tight schedules or immediate transfers out of Kathmandu. Just in case.