New Mixed Route on Monte Taburlo in the Italian Dolomites

On Jan. 21, Luca Vallata, Davide Cassol, and Riccardo Da Canal opened a new mixed route on the north face of 2,268m Monte Taburlo in the Italian Dolomites, Planet Mountain reports.

"Gitanes Bleu" , the new route on the north face of Monte Taburlo.

Gitanes Bleu, the new route on the north face of Monte Taburlo. Photo: Luca Vallata


The climbers have named the 350m-long route Gitanes Bleu. It features difficulties up to WI5 and M6+.

According to Vallata, the first three pitches were not too difficult, though not to be underestimated. Some majestic ice pitches followed. The first frozen wall was the most exciting pitch, where the climbers worked through 50 steep meters of thin ice.

Monte Taburlo is situated at the southern extremity of the Val di Fanes valley. It was first climbed in 1906.

Climbing up the route.

Climbing up the route. Photo: Luca Vallata

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