New on AdventureStats: Amazon and Expedition River Descents – get involved


Created by explorers for explorers, Adventurestats is open for all to compare numbers involving high altitude mountaineering, polar skiing, ocean rowing and around-the-world human powered travel.

Although most explorers don’t do their quests to impress, clear rules and statistics can help get the right projects funded.

But what are the correct definitions and numbers? What exactly is a summit? A full length polar expedition? A successful ocean crossing?

Adventurestats is run and advised by explorers who are experts in their fields and in 2015 a work group was formed to create statistics for descents of the Amazon river.

A set of rules and labels for classifications of different styles were formed, in this case together with Piotr Chmielinski, the first person in 1985 to run the full length of the Amazon river. His team mate Joe Kane from the same expeditions contributed as well.

Polar skier Correne Coetzer took time from her work with the polar stats and spent months to help the river folks organize, while Tom Sjogren helped compare definitions from other exploration areas.

The result is the first central place for full length river statistics. If you have descended major waterways other than the Amazon, we invite you to get involved. Please take time to go through the rules and make a comment if you have suggestions before Sept 1st, 2016.

The “Rules and Definitions” can be found here

The Amazon river statistics can be found here.