New Route On Alaska’s Mount Huntington

Three elite climbers have established a new alpine route on the west face of 3,731m Mount Huntington in Alaska.

Zach Colbran and Grant Stewart from Canada, and Dane Steadman from the U.S. named their new line “The Technicolour Superdream,” M6+ AI5+ A2. Of its total 1,300m length, 700m of it is on absolutely new terrain.

"The Technicolour Superdream" on the west face of Mount Huntington.

‘The Technicolour Superdream’ on the west face of Mount Huntington. Photo: Zach Colbran


The two Canadians were supported by $5,000 from the John Lauchlan Award (JLA), which helps Canadian climbers carry out outstanding climbing projects around the world.

On their application last year, they explained their project: “Our main objective is to establish a new route up a buttress on the west face of Mount Huntington. The route follows very steep mixed terrain, linking rock corners into large ice features to establish 700m of highly technical new ground before intersecting with the upper climbing of the Colton/Leach and reaching the summit.”

Photo taken during the climb of the new route on Mount Huntington.

On the way up Mount Huntington. Photo: Zach Colbran


One of the climbers looking back on the very steep section.

One of the climbers looks down at his partner on a steep section. Photo: Zach Colbran

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