New Routes on Bolivia’s Cordillera Real

Two new routes have been opened in Cordillera Real, Bolivia in June, according to Desnivel. Italian mountain guide Daniele Assolari and Bolivian Mayte Vasquez along with Ronald Choque opened “Imantata” (500m, TD+, AI4, M5) on 5,510m Huallomen.

"Imantata" route on Huallomen.

“Imantata” route on Huallomen. Photo: Daniele Assolari


Then at the end of June, Assolari and Vasquez, together with Rosa Morotti, opened a new route on the north face of Huayna Illampu (5,900m). They named their route “Via dei Nembresi” (800m, TD+, AI4, M5). After bivouacking, the trio continued to the main summit of Nevado Illampu (6,368m), which is the fourth highest peak of Bolivia.

According to Morotti, the route has a special meaning for her. Her uncle, Carlo Nembrini, summited Illampu in October 1973 and died a few days later on Illimani (6,460m), the highest peak in the Cordillera Real and the second highest peak of Bolivia.

The Cordillera Real, 125km long and 20km wide, lies southeast of Lake Titicaca, east of La Paz. Illimani was first ascended on September 9, 1898, by William Martin Conway.

Images from the Via Dei Nembresi route.

Images from the Via Dei Nembresi route. Photo: Rosa Morotti

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