Nick Butter Runs Britain

The endurance athlete will run 200 marathons in 100 days around the UK.

How do you follow up on running a marathon in 196 countries, especially at a time when residents of the UK can’t travel?

By running 200 marathons in 100 days along Britain’s coast, of course — 8,430km in all.

In 2020, Nick Butter completed his mammoth marathon-in-every-country project. He soldiered through every imaginable crisis: getting held up at gunpoint, bitten by a dog, and oh yes, suffering a heart attack. It was both bonkers and awe-inspiring.

After such an achievement, you’d think that he’d take a long sabbatical away from the open road. But on April 17 at 6 am, Butter will start running from the Eden Project in Cornwall. He plans to run for 11 hours a day, getting in at least two marathons daily.

Why is he doing this, you ask? Like so many adventurers, he has a good cause: Since his success in running the world, he has set up a non-profit called the 196 Foundation, supporting other charities around the world. But he also just loves running.

Nick Butter on his previous challenge. Photo: Nick Butter


 He will run the coast counterclockwise and finish right back at the Eden Project on around July 26. Four RV camper vans with food and supplies will support him. He has trained by running about 400km a week. 

He states that dealing with Britain’s harsh weather “will be pretty brutal”. But if he can run around the world, he will surely manage. 

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