North Star Kite Alliance Expedition on Greenland a success

Kurt Paproski (CAN) and Georg Csak (GER) finished their long-term dream of Crossing the Icecap from Kangerlussuaq to Qaanaaq unsupported with kites. The team of 4, including lead guide Camilla Ringvold (NOR) (3rd crossing) and photographer Håkon Mæland (NOR) (2nd crossing) started early and cold.

It was an early opening of the Greenland icecap this year. For the first time, expeditions wore allowed to enter the icecap on April 1st. (April 15th normally). The team started the ascent on foot from point 660/Kangerlussuaq on April 12th and arrived in Qaanaaq May 8th. The anticipation of exceptionally colder weather and stronger winds on the icecap due to an earlier start than normal was present. Stronger winds occurred peaking 55kts on several occasions, but temperatures wore comfortable between -10c and -20c, stretching to -30 on a handful of days above 74N.

The good thing about starting a little bit earlier than normal, is the ascent up the icecap, which is not so wet, less water running and firmer grip. In addition, the likelihood of getting snow and not rock not the descent is high. This year, hurricane winds was roaring over Qaanaaq and the Bowdoin fjord in February/March, blowing massive amounts of snow away. Little snow was left on the descent, but enough to make it down on one single day.

This journey, is a true adventure and a snowkiters dream.

Congratulations to all kiters!

A White Horizon Expedition by KITEKURS.NO