Opportunity for team member. All expenses paid voluntary position.


Over the course of 2019, 2020 I will be attempting several events best described as adventure sports.

These events are endurance events with disciplines such as swimming, running, kayaking and cycling and all take place in extreme or remote locations.

The events are firsts and to the best of my knowledge have never been attempted before.


The trips would be overseas and relatively short from 3 days to 1 week.

Locations planned at present include Faroe Islands, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Greece and Scotland.


I am looking for a person to act as support on the trips.


Described in its simplest form the role would include driving a hire car and helping on any duties that may arise on the event.

There is the opportunity to help plan and work on routes pre event as well.


The person would need to be committed to the cause and enjoy the opportunity to its fullest.


I am not interested in age, experience, gender or background. I am interested in character. The person needs to have sense of adventure and a never give up attitude as well as the ability to overcome problems, sometimes creatively. A flexible attitude and approach is a must plus the ability to have a laugh.


I would more interested in someone who would like to commit as much as possible to several events as to try and build a good relationship over the course of different events.


The person would have to agree to keep the events private, particularly on social media.


The role is voluntary but all expenses would be paid for.


This is a great opportunity for someone to travel for free and be part of never done before events.

On a personal note I am very laid back guy with an adventurous attitude that likes to tackle fairly extreme events in amazing locations and have a laugh along the way. With a beer at the end.


This is a very brief outline so there would be more factors to discuss with anyone interested.

If you have any questions at all please just ask.


Email: unsignedventure@gmail.com

[Photo by Olivier Martel Savoie on Unsplash]