Pakistan Update: Summit Climbers Back in Camp 3

Summiters on both Broad Peak and Gasherbrum II have made it safely down to Camp 3. And not a moment too soon: The weather deteriorated rapidly during the evening.

Some new summiters whom we haven’t previously mentioned: Pakistani high-altitude porters Sguhaat Ali and Ali Hushevi, and also Martin Ksandr, Pavel Burda, and Jozef Zajac of the Czech-Slovak team. The Czechs said that it was quite a technical climb up the summit pyramid, with no fixed ropes and no supplementary O2.

Lluis Cortadellas tracker locates him back in Camp 3 after reaching the summit of Gasherbrum II earlier today.


At a first glance, there seems to have been fewer climbers using oxygen this year on both Broad Peak and GII than previously.

On Broad Peak, all summit climbers and also some of those who turned back without reaching the top are back in Camp 3.

Kim HongBin. Photo: Vitaly lazo


With his success today on Broad Peak, Kim HongBin has completed his 14×8,000’er quest. Joining him on the summit were Pakistanis Little Hussain, Imtiaz Sadpara, Yusaf Hushevi, and Mehdi Sadpara.

Belgians Sophie Lenaerts and Stef Maginelle reached the top as well.  

Unfortunately, there was no ski descent of Broad Peak. Anton Pugovkin reported that progress was so slow that they had to simply retreat to C3. But they may try again in a week or so.