Paraglider Missing in Hunza

French paraglider pilot Xavier Alain is reported missing after a flight in Hunza yesterday. Police Superintendent Zahoor Ahmed told the local press that Alain took off with two other pilots, both Spanish nationals whose names were not revealed, from an upper area of Aliabad.

The Spaniards landed in the Ganish area but were unable to find or contact Alain. A search and rescue operation is ongoing. Authorities have warned, that the area is “dangerous” and the search might not bring a positive result.

The news is all over Pakistani media, but there is very little detailed information so far.

Hunza region. Google maps.


Hunza is one of Pakistan’s most popular paragliding areas, it attracts pilots from all over the world. It is also a region of dramatic beauty, with some of Pakistan’s most coveted 7,000’ers, such as Rakaposhi, the Batura group, and Shispare. It is a very rugged area with large glaciers and few roads.

Angela Benavides

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