Paragliding from the two summits of ELBRUS – Elbrus East 5621m & Elbrus West 5642m

Paragliding from both tops of Mt Elbrus (5621m & 5642m) in summer 2019
In June 2019 I got the chance to visit the remote North side of Mt.Elbrus in the Russian Kaukasus. In 8 days I climbed, skied and flew down from Elbrus summit. First we climbed (by ski) Elbrus-West (5642m) in 8h from Camp2 (3750m) and had a perfect ski run all the way down to the camp, almost 2000m. In the evening of the same day I solo-climbed Elbrus-East with my paraglider (ADVANCE PI2-23) in the backpack. After 6h climbing I reached the summit (5621m) and got the chance to take off at 6:30 from 5600m, just below the summit. 27min later I landed 3000m lower in basecamp Emanuel Glade (2550m).
In July 2019 I visited Elbrus North side again and did a solo-ascent  from basecamp (2550m) to the main / West summit of Elbrus (5642m). Because of the difficult wind situation I needed four attempts before taking off. I flew arround the West summit and all the way back to basecamp Emanuel Glade.

This Youtube video is about my two paragliding flights from each of the summits – Elbrus East 5621m & Elbrus West 5642m: