International Women’s Day Film Series Celebrates Three Climbers Who ‘Pass it On’

With its impactful series on three of Squamish’s most active women climbers, Arc’teryx’s film team shows there’s a lot more to the climbing hot spot than elite-level routes on perfect granite.

This article was originally published on GearJunkie.

Pass it On shows us badass women climbers of the past and present who continue to find passion and joy in this outdoor paradise in western Canada. Created in collaboration with production company Well Travelled Collective, the series focuses on three Squamish climbers who spread their love of bouldering, trad, and sport into the fabric of the broader community.

Episode 1 looks at the undeniably adorable Tami Knight, who established several first ascents on Squamish granite, not because she wanted to inspire anyone, she said, but just because she wanted to climb.

Then the series takes a look at an Indigenous climber Sandy Ward, who shares the sport with Indigenous youth. A founding member of Indigenous Women Outdoors, Ward spent most of her life on snow as a competitive halfpipe rider and First Nations Snowboard Team coach, according to Arc’teryx.

Episode 3 wraps up the emotional story of Michelle LeBlanc, who takes care of elderly residents by taking them on “imaginary expeditions.” The rest of the time, she’s organizing for the Squamish Pride Bouldering Festival.

If you love the outdoors and you’d like an excuse to celebrate International Women’s Day with some short, moving documentaries, look no further than this beautifully made series of films.

Andrew McLemore

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