Rara Lake Trek

Rara lake trekking is a still generally unexplored trekking trail in Nepal. Rara is Nepal’s biggest lake lies at an elevation of 3050 meters inside the limit of Rara National Park. The surface of this lake is around 8 square kilometer and the edge 9 kilometer. The length of the lake is 5 kilometers, width is 2 and profundity is 167 meter. The lake Rara resembles a blue sprite, enjoyed sentiment with mountains. In the each evening the exceptional snowcapped display of Dolpo and Tibetan mountains eclipses the scene over the profound clear waters of the lake. Trekking to this shocking lake gives an essence of regular wild and quietness. Our trek begins from Jumla, the biggest upland slope town in the west Nepal. Climbing step by step through timberlands of blended oak, conifer, pine, expansive leafed chestnut, white birch and rhododendron, we cross the rich snow capped glades with groups of sheep and goat herders. After investigation of this lake we climb through green high fields and a few towns. At that point we plunge to Jumla. From Jumla we take off to Kathmandu by means of Nepalgunj.

Rara is an one of a kind and unadulterated spot in Nepal. The lake is arranged in the Rara National Park and in light of its remote area the lake has been visited by just couple of number of visitors. The course is fortunate the beaten track and bears looks of culture and entrancing view not quite the same as different parts of Nepal. The trek offers an emotional show of clear high height lakes blended with pine, spruce, rhododendron and juniper backwoods and additionally amazing perspectives of the snow topped Himalayan pinnacles. The lake is as profound as 167 meters in a few places, and depletes into the stream Mugu Karnali by means of Nijar Khola. It is the home of imperiled creature like red panda, normal langur, and rhesus macaque. Rhododendron, juniper, oak, spruce and Cyprus are the rich vegetations of this region.