Wanna Buy a Remote Island? Here Are a Few For Sale

Buying a private island may seem like something reserved only for the rich and famous. But islands come in all sizes as well as prices.

Barlocco Island, Scotland

Just 120km south of Edinburgh, the Isles of Fleet dot the murky waters of the Solway Firth. Like many Scottish islands, they possess a rugged beauty. And one of them could be yours.

Real estate agents are pushing for the sale of Barlocco Island, a 10-hectare tidal island for approximately $190,000. That is four times cheaper than your average London flat.

However, there is a catch…as usual. First, there is no infrastructure on the island. You would have to build your cozy living space on your own, as well as find a sustainable supply of energy and electricity.

Scottish island

Barlocco Island in Scotland. Photo: Galbraith/SWNS


This brings us to the next challenge. Barlocco is a tidal island and is only accessible by foot at low tide. At high tide, you must take a boat. Also, the island lies within the Borgue Coast Site of Specific Scientific Interest, so is a protected area. Any development would require jumps through multiple bureaucratic hoops. 

These hurdles do not seem to deter prospective buyers. Over 50 people have expressed interest in the island, although a sale has yet to be made. 

La Cornelia Island

La Cornelia Island is one of the 365 islets of the Isletas de Granada off the Asese Peninsula in Nicaragua. This island group formed when the nearby Mombacho volcano erupted around 20,000 years ago, hurling gigantic rocks into the sea. Eventually, people came to live on the islands. La Cornelia itself is currently listed at just US$90,000, one of the cheapest islands for sale in the region. It is a mere .4 hectares (one acre) of land in Lake Nicaragua, yet had a rather chaotic past. 

satellite photo of green island

Satellite image of La Cornelia Island. Photo: Private Islands Online


In the 18th century, Isletas de Granada saw intense naval action and pirate activity. During the political strife from the 1970s to 1990s, those still faithful to the past Somoza dictatorship and the Marxist revolutionary Sandinistas were forcibly removed from their homes. Eventually, they lost their legal claims to the land. Foreigners bought the islands. While the island seems like a bargain, be warned of the possible social and political implications. 

Piaçabuçu Islands

In northeastern Brazil near the end of the São Francisco River lie six lone specks called the Piaçabuçu Islands. Altogether, they are over 33 hectares, and they can be yours for a modest price of US$79,500.

It is a wonder that this chain has not been snapped up already. However, this is because of a very odd legal technicality. Apparently, the owner of these half-dozen islands would not own them forever. The buyer can use them for 99 years, then they go back on the market. Therefore, it cannot be an investment to pass on, but rather an odd long-term rental.


Piaçabuçu Islands in Brazil. Photo: Private Islands Online


Finding additional information on the Piaçabuçu Islands is a challenge. No contact details seem to exist for the realtor or governing authority. No one knows why they are so cheap. But this price doesn’t stop the imagination from soaring. 

Lac Lesage Islands

Tucked in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains between Ottawa and Montreal, you can get two adjoining islands measuring a total of 3,690 square meters for $495,000. The main islands already possess a two-story house, a small cottage and outhouse, and electricity.

Lac Lesage

Lac Lesage Islands in Quebec. Photo: Private Islands Online


However, if you’re looking to expand the amenities, you’ll have to navigate the bureaucracy. These islands lie in the Réserve faunique de Papineau-Labelle. This nature reserve is the most southerly in Quebec.

Isola delle Femmine

This island off the coast of Sicily near Palermo has had settlers since the Roman Empire. For two million euros, you can get a 15-hectare island awash in archaeological, historical, and cultural treasures.

Its name, Island of Women, comes from a local legend. Years ago, a group of young Turkish women were apparently cast off by their disgruntled families. The women sought refuge on the small island, but unfortunately spent the rest of their days there, isolated and alone. Locals say the spirits of the women still linger.

Sicily island

Isola delle Femmine in Sicily. Photo: Gigi agostino/Wikipedia Commons


Despite the ruins of a 16th-century watchtower (only destroyed during WWII), stone wells, and Greek and Roman anchors, the owners are still having a hard time letting this historical treasure go. Countess Paola Pilo Bacci’s family owned Isola delle Femmine for several centuries but is no longer able to maintain the property.

Rangyai Island

Should you be an Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, there is always a US$160 million island available to you. Rangyai Island, off Phuket in Thailand, contains 45 hectares of Southeast Asian tropical beauty.

For a long time, no one paid attention to the island. It even went without a name for over 70 years. According to sources, the island’s name comes from a specific fish that thrives in these waters.

Rangyai Island

Rangyai Island in Thailand. Photo: Private Islands Online


After its purchase in the 1990s by a company called Richy Island Phuket Co. Ltd, its full value became apparent. Excursions to the island are common because it’s close to the mainland. It hosts historic temples and shrines as well as a world-renowned pearl farm.

Kristine De Abreu

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