Ropes fixed to Everest summit

Pythom Dispatch in Focus: Sherpa reach Everest summit

At 5.05pm this evening Nima Tsering Sherpa from AC stood on the summit of Everest. A huge congratulations to Nima and the other 8 or 9 members of the rope fixing team. Fantastic job guys!

Starting tomorrow teams can be expected to make their summit bid from high camp. Everest is open for 2016!

After two tremendously tough years this is a huge relief for all. (Of course Everest is always open to people willing to summit without fixed rope).

This morning in the early hours Colin and Masha departed for the icefall and C2. About two hours into their journey there progress was stopped at by a broken five section ladder in the most dangerous part of the icefall. A big serac fall had occurred some time earlier.

They then waited 2 1/2 hour for a temporary repair to be put in place; a cold dangerous wait.

For the next five hours Colin and Masha battled on in low visibility and snowfall. It was quite the long day getting to Camp 2.

Lydia, Brian, Danny, and I went for a ‘stay activated’ walk to Pumouri C1. It feels great to get out of the confines of Base Camp, away from glacial moraine, to feel the legs and lungs working and to feel grass under foot.

When you live in tents in close proximity to each other you learn interesting things about each other. Roy informs me I groan in my sleep every time there is an avalanche! Danny concurs.

Rob and Claudia have returned to BC for a well deserved rest period. Nice one guys.

Cheers for today, Mike for the AC Team

Silvia’s gluten free Brownies were a great success for desert complete with cream and jamKaji serves scrambled eggs outdoors for breakfast.