Rosie Swale-Pope Reaches Norway

Rosie Swale-Pope, 75, has reached Bergen, Norway during her latest attempt to run 8,500km from England to Nepal. Swale-Pope kickstarted the run on June 25 in Brighton, then made her way to the east coast of England.

Despite being in her eighth decade, Swale-Pope seems to relish her journey as much as ever. “Can’t wait to meet more of you wonderful people along the way,” she wrote on social media three weeks ago.

Swale-Pope flew to Norway on August 19 and reunited with her beloved cart, dubbed Ice Chick. The cart was sea freighted from Immingham Docks on the east coast. Now on the west coast of Norway, Swale-Pope will run north to the county of Finnmark. Here, she hopes to cross the border into Russia.

Reunited with Ice Chick. Photo: Rosie Swale-Pope


Despite the jump in latitude, the temperature and weather in Norway are currently similar to England. But as she heads further north and into autumn, Swale-Pope can only hope that Ice Chick won’t be describing her.