Rosie Swale-Pope Up And Running Again

The ever-determined Rosie Swale-Pope is on the road again, on her latest attempt to run 8,500km from Brighton, England to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Swale-Pope set off from Brighton on June 25 and headed north. Behind her, of course, she is dragging/cajoling her beloved cart and living space, dubbed Ice Chick.

“Life on the road again, you just can’t beat it!” a chipper Swale-Pope told her social media following. “All I need is Ice Chick and a good pair of trainers.”

Despite her advanced years, Swale-Pope has more energy than a child who’s supposed to be asleep. Photo: Barry Page


Swale-Pope has reached the outskirts of London and is heading toward the East Coast of England to catch a ferry to the Netherlands. She plans to reach Bergen, Norway (not clear if this will be on foot). Then she heads north across Russia, China, Tibet, and finally Nepal.

But with coronavirus cases rising in many countries across Europe and parts of Asia, life on the road might not be plain sailing, even for the world’s most positive long-haul runner.