Russian Women Set Two Ice-Water Records

Two Russian women have set Guinness World Records under the ice. The first was for swimming under the ice, and the second for a static breath hold in ice water.

Ekaterina Nekrasova shows off her record distance. Photo:


On March 6, 40-year-old Ekaterina Nekrasova swam 102.7m under the ice without fins or a wetsuit, which Guinness rules proscribe on world record attempts. This handily broke the distance she set in January, when she swam 85m under the ice of Lake Baikal, in Siberia.

Two days later, on March 8, Maria Olshevskaya held her breath in ice water for 4 minutes and 17 seconds. She also did not wear a wetsuit.

Maria Olshevskaya. Photo:


The Freediving Federation said that the “weekend turned out to be rich in records for Russian divers” and confirmed that Guinness has accepted both records.