Shkhara Team Delays Climb, Warms Up on Unnamed Peak

A few days ago, the Hungarian National Climbing Team reached the glacier at the foot of the south face of 5,193m Shkhara in the Georgian Caucasus. They faced unstable weather and chest-deep snow.

The forecast showed a very short window of decent weather. Viktor Agoston, Laszlo Szasz, David Kocsis, and Andras Rusko needed four days for the ascent.

With food for 10 days, the climbers waited at the foot of the Beknu Khergiani route.

Ascending the unnamed peak.

Ascending the unnamed peak. Photo: Hungarian National Climbing Team


A change of plans

When they left, the forecast four days of good, dry weather did not materialize. A meter of fresh snow delayed the four climbers. Ultimately, they had to change their plans.

“The weather window is too short,” they wrote.

In the end, they attempted a low but technical unnamed 3,862m peak, in front of the south wall of Shkhara. The climb included a 400m wall with hard snow and then a mixed section with difficulties of M4 and M5.

Despite the setback, the team is hopeful they might still climb Shkhara. They have left some gear at the mountain and are monitoring a potential weather window at the start of next week.

Caption from the unnamed 3,000er. Caucasus is a fantastic place for mountaineers, and Georgian people are very nice.

The unnamed peak. Photo: Hungarian National Climbing Team

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