Silver Bullet’s New Home Found?

Oh the irony wormhole – our former home stars in a Bear Grylls parody show

Remember shortly after Pythom launched, the story about Silver Bullet, our vintage Airstream, going to Hollywood? The actual sales transaction took place by a roadside near LA, where a couple of enthusiastic young men cryptically explained she’d go to a friendly Grylls type satire coming up this fall.

Well, seems like we found the show.

A journalist once told me the chief editor of Outside mag used to brag she’d never spent a day in a tent and the show sort of plays on things like that.

The preview trailer is funny but spins into a parallel universe when Bear – famously posing as military badass and intrepid explorer while faking survival on TV – gets pictured as the real deal.

There’s a write up on the upcoming show by Adventure Journal, let us know if you spot the bullet in some episode.

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