Slovenians Open Route on Chobutse’s West Face

The top Slovenian team of Luka Strazar, Nejc Marcic, Marko Prezelj, and Matija Volontar have succeeded on Chobutse (6,663m), in Nepal’s Rolwaling. Strazar and Marcic climbed the peak’s West Face on an alpine-style push from October 28 to 30, Planinka zveza Slovenije reported.

Progress did not happen as quickly as the team had hoped when they arrived in mid-October. Like all other teams in Nepal, they had to wait out a long, intense spell of bad weather. Luckily, they had a good place to shelter: They were guests at Mingma G’s house in the village of Na.

The team did manage to complete their acclimatization. As soon as the weather improved, they set off toward Chobutse.

The climbers split into two roped teams: Strazar and Marcic went for the West Face, while Prezelj and Volontar gave the South Face a try, with less luck: Strong winds eventually forced them back.

Yesterday, all four left for Lukla.