South Pole cycle training: Kate Leeming on Greenland

The AWD system makes it possible to ride on more difficult surfaces than a regular fatbike.”

The past Greenland season, Australian adventure cyclist, Kate Leeming took a new design Christini All-Wheel Drive (AWD) bicycle to the Ice Cap on another practice run for her planned Antarctica Crossing.

She writes in a blog debrief, ”I flew to Constable Point in between Jameson Land and Liverpool Land in Northeast Greenland to make what we understand to be the first bicycle expedition through this region. The main purpose of the journey was to prepare for my Breaking the Cycle South Pole expedition, planned for the end of the year.” Kate was accompanied by a filmmaker and support/advisory team.

Instead of starting right out on her bicycle, Kate had to sit out an 8-day storm. As a result, I did not have an opportunity to make the extended physical test I had hoped for and conditions were generally softer than I will expect to find in Antarctica, and as the melt began, very slushy much of the time.”

The seven days she got to spent out on the modified route were very testing, writes Kate, and she believes have provided valuable experience for Antarctica. “In that time I was exposed to a range of conditions, setting off into the teeth of a howling Arctic gale. The blizzard brought fresh snow that inland was unrideable, even for my all-wheel drive bike for much of the third day and I pushed most of the 24km up Klitdal and into Jameson Land.”

About her new AWD bicycle, Kate writes. “Apart from a few minor issues, the brand new Christini all-wheel drive polar bike (mark II) that I had collected the week before in the USA held up beautifully. It really came into its own on rough surfaces such as sastrugi where the front wheel drive grips and helps me climb over the lumps and bumps. The AWD system makes it possible to ride on more difficult surfaces than a regular fatbike.”

Meanwhile, back home in Melbourne, Kate will be focusing on long, steady resistance and hills, “some sand work and trips to Mt Buller/Mt Stirling in the winter for some more work in the snow (even though the conditions will be different to Antarctica, it is still good cold weather practice). I need to continue my work in the gym focusing on core strength and interval training and, closer to the time, I can introduce sessions in altitude and cold chambers.”

Read more about her experience and the “spectacular” Greenland landscapes.

Check Kate’s teaser video for visuals on this Greenland trip.

Kate told Explorersweb/Pythom she is on her way to Ladakh, Indian Himalaya, to lead a World Expeditions trip along the Malani Road, starting June 23rd.


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