Spanish explorer PACO ACEDO diving under Inari Lake ice

For the first time an explorer crosses the Inari Lake (Finnish Lapland), skiing and diving under the ice.

On March 20th, the explorer and extreme diver Paco Acedo successfully completed the solo expedition that took him in an unprecedented challenge to cross skiing and diving under the ice of Lake INARI, located in remote Lapland Finnish. From south to north the explorer crossed alone the largest lake in Lapland, known as the Sacred Lake of the Samis, completing a distance of 120 km.

The route developed from the town of Inari in the southwest end, crossing later to the east coast until Sevettijärvi as final destination in the north. The poor state of snow and ice caused by the unusual and high temperatures made practically impassable a great part of the route especially in the central zone of the lake, creating enormous puddles of snow and water and forcing the explorer to complete great part of the expedition without use of skis and walking on deep snow and water, fact that did not prevent him to continue with the expedition.

During the solo expedition he carried out 3 days of diving under the ice in different co-ordinates of Lake Inari, where it was never done before, with an incentive of historical content as well as diving for the first time under the sacred rock “Ukonkivi” and The “cemetery island” dating to the year 1700, proceeded for the first time to the search under the ice of a German airport of World War II located according to old maps in the southern zone of Lake Inari, fact that caused a great interest on Finnish media.

An unprecedented adventure that goes beyond the sport challenge by combining HISTORY, DISCOVERY, CULTURE and ADVENTURE as the basic pillars of the challenge faced by PACO ACEDO on this occasion.

The expedition “Inari 2017” is a new step in the SUBPOLAR 90º project, which aims to reach the geographic North Pole diving.