Circular Thinking: Man Reckons He Can Stealth Camp in Roundabouts Across UK

Billy Richomme is on a quest: stealth camp in one roundabout in every UK city.

The Wiltshire, Salisbury man told Metro that he began stealth camping in roundabouts during the UK’s 2021 COVID lockdowns. He had so much fun (and got so much traffic on his YouTube channel) that he kept it up.


“When you are camping on a roundabout, you are usually quite covered, so I feel really relaxed when I’m there and I just have a nice night,” the former military chef shared with Metro.

After identifying a promising roundabout, Richomme parks his van nearby and scurries into the safety and peace of the underbrush. And while absorbing hassles is always a risk with stealth camping, Richomme claims he’s never answered questions from any city authorities. The experience is, he says, quite peaceful.

Gourmet meals

“I even cook myself a nice meal. I have cooked ramen, and have done a full English breakfast the next morning. And I have managed to cook a roast dinner as well,” he said.

a pepperoni pizza

As a former military chef, Billy Richomme enjoys cooking himself elaborate meals while stealth camping in roundabouts. Photo: screenshot


Richomme’s setups range from a freestanding hub-and-pole tent to a hammock. And he doesn’t limit his adventures to just roundabouts. Fans of his YouTube channel routinely send him requests that range from camping “in a canoe under a bridge,” to “on the steps of a castle.”

Billy Richomme camped in a roundabout, surprisingly sheltered from prying eyes.

Billy Richomme camped in a roundabout, surprisingly sheltered from prying eyes. Photo: Screenshot


But roundabouts are Richomme’s major passion, and he plans on keeping it up till he’s logged a stealth site in every major UK city. And after that, the world awaits.

“I want to do loads more roundabouts and do a full-time adventure channel,” he said. “I also want to challenge myself and do an international roundabout, like the super large one in Malaysia.”

Andrew Marshall

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