Updated: Still No News from Jost Kobusch on Denali

Updated, 9pm ET: Kobusch has reached his high camp at 4,330m.

We’ve been keeping our eyes on Jost Kobusch’s tracker, trying to find out first, if he is okay, and second, if he has summited Denali.

The German climber answered the first question in a short text to his home team early on Sunday. Since then, he has not sent word about his current location or condition.

Kobusch set off from his high camp at 4,330m (14,200 feet) early Saturday morning, Alaska time. He headed alone up the Messner Couloir toward the summit of Denali. Nineteen hours later, he was near Archdeacon’s Tower, on his way to the final summit ridge.

Kobusch’s home team posted an Instagram story early Sunday morning, Alaska time. The German had been climbing from about 10 am to 5 am.


Two hours later, after a total of about 21 hours, Kobusch’s team announced that he had just meters to go before the summit.

Kobusch’s Facebook page at 11:34 am on Sunday, Central European Time (1:34 am Alaska time).


Eventually, Kobusch’s tracker started acting strangely, showing a fast descent on a slightly different route. His home team posted the following message:


When we posted this story (Sunday 10 pm CET, 4 pm ET), Kobusch’s tracker read:

Jost Kobusch’s movement according to his tracker.


At this point, the battery level on his tracker read “normal”. We do not know if Kobusch has a tent or fuel with him or the location of his last cache of gear. For the time being, we’re waiting.

Angela Benavides

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