Summit Night on K2: Links to the Climbers’ Trackers

In the next 24 hours, first-hand news from climbers will obviously be sporadic, as they race, or pant, upward toward the summit of K2. During the entire push, we’ll continue to update whenever we hear news. But minute by minute, the only real source of information will come from their GPS tracking devices. Here is a list for anyone who wants to follow them.

Despite weird lines, Pasang Norbu continues to move up at speed. At 9 pm Pakistan time, he had reached 7,430m.


It’s important to remember that at high altitudes in mountains, the trackers sometimes have difficulties connecting with a satellite. Likewise, when the device (in the climber’s pocket or pack) turns upside down, incoherent lines may appear on the map. Such is the case of Juan Pablo Mohr, who seemingly took a flight to some Chinese glacier and back again early this morning. We doubt that this was actually the case.

Wider screenshot of JP Mohr’s track, showing a weird line that is the result of a bad connection with satellites. The latest actual point locates him and Tamara Lunger at 7,276m shortly after 3 pm.

Juan Pablo Mohr:

John Snorri:

Pasang Norbu Sherpa:

Colin O’Brady:

Atanas Skatov:

Before starting for the summit, Colin O’Brady’s tracker located him at the higher Camp 3 (7,300m).