Summit Push on Muchu Chhish

The good weather forecast has triggered movement all across the Karakorum, not only on the 8,000’ers. On 7,452m Muchu Chhish, the Czech team of Pavel Korinek, Jiri Janak, Lukas Dubsky, Leos Hustak, and Tomas Petrecek has launched their summit push.

Some of the group are already familiar with Muchu Chhish from their 2020 expedition, and they reached Camp 1 quickly. Three of them stayed overnight in C1 while two of them, including Tomas Petrecek, hurried on to Camp 2.

“[The 1,600 vertical metres] was really exhausting,” the pair reported.

The route between Camp 1 and Camp 2 follows a sharp, dinosaur spine of a ridge. It is also one of the hardest sections that the team dealt with on their previous attempt.

They plan to continue to C3 today. It’s possible that they could reach the summit tomorrow.

Last week, the Czechs acclimatized on San-E-Marmar (Marble Mountain) for three days. During that time, they hit bad weather at 5,600m and had to retreat because of half a metre of fresh snow and the high risk of avalanches. Their video of this preparatory climb and the trek to Muchu Chhish Base Camp summarizes their experience so far.