The North Pole Rocks

Rock bands performing on Top of the World – from Everest to Barneo

Last week, a live band performed a gig at Everest South Base Camp. In even colder conditions near the North Pole, a live rock band warmed up the Russian staff and their clients.

Irina Orlova tells Explorersweb/Pythom, “There were plenty of famous people in the history of Barneo Camp: politicians, royal family members, performers, TV anchors… Few years ago an Estonian singer, Veronica Knaub, sang the Snow Maiden aria from the Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera of the same name. Russian duets, “Ivasi”, the songwriters of the iconic musical theatre “Nord-Ost”, performed their own songs at the camp. This season, for the first time in our history, we experience live rock music played by Advent Bay PoolBoys band!” Watch here and here.

Latest news from the Ice Camp is that the season is nearing it’s end. The staff has started disassembling unused tents.

Barneo is a drifting ice base in the Arctic, which is annually established under the aegis of the Russian Geographical Society Expedition Center “Polyus” Russian Association of Polar Explorers. It is a temporary Ice Camp, built by the Russians every March-April. The camp is built on a suitable ice floe inside 89 degrees North. Primarily the ice floe should be suitable to build a runway of at least 1200m long for an Antonov-74 from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, to land. They, therefore, need a floe of at least 2km long and at east 40 meters away from the nearest open water (lead). Barneo serves Last Degree skiers (last 110km to the NP), marathon runners, scientists, divers, fly-ins to the Pole, and more. Barneo new website

Last year, the organizers of Barneo Ice Camp, faced a lot of extraordinary events, when politics overshadowed adventure. Fortunately, Svalbard opened again as gateway to the Ice Station near 90ºS.

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