The “Safest” Camp on Dhaulagiri

Some spectacular drone work by Tommy Joyce shows just how way, way out there Horia Colibasanu, Peter Hamor, and Marius Gane were on their recent attempt on Dhaulagiri’s Northwest Ridge.

The video — which for the time being, we can’t embed but only link to — features a dizzying perspective on Camp 1, which Colibasanu dubs “the safest camp on Dhaulagiri”. We look forward to seeing footage of their more precarious Camps 2 and 3.

More of Joyce’s footage on Instagram shows Carla Perez and Topo Mena struggling up Dhaulagiri’s normal route from Camp 3, without ropes or crowds or any company at all. The sequence includes footage from the two climbers themselves, including the sound of dangerous snow conditions that eventually turned the pair back.


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Jerry Kobalenko is the editor of ExplorersWeb. Canada's premier arctic traveler, he is the author of The Horizontal Everest and Arctic Eden, and is currently working on a book about adventures in Labrador. In 2018, he was awarded the Polar Medal by the Governor General of Canada.

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José Mijares
José Mijares
1 year ago

Hei Jerry. When are you going to do an editorial telling what is happening in the Himalaya and how some of the climbing companies are threatening some of your journalist? I think it is urgent to talk about the THREATS some are doing against all of those how want to tell about truth. The “Western Bloggers” they say. And how they pretend just an “oficial press” in the future for their convenience (same as the most crappy dictatorships) The silence of most climbers are just a shame. Maybe they will get with good discounts on future permits and expeditions, but… Read more »

Don Paul
Don Paul
1 year ago

The link to the drone footage of the campsite under the serac no longer works. We’ll probably see it in an ad for outdoor-style clothing or high performance vehicles.