The way we roll… Pythom is for you

An invitation

Did you know, that Pythom is not for us?

Myself doing editorials and Space stories, Correne covering the polar areas, Raheel and Karrar keeping an eye on the mountains, Piotr guarding the Amazon.

Pythom is for you, mostly.

Write a cool story, and reach 100 000 unique readers each month. You’ll become part of a community of 2000 members, many of them the best explorers in this world. We kicked off Pythom about a year ago, to share this stage with you. Without any marketing at all, not even social media, it is now chasing Explorersweb in traffic.

Moreover. Tom and I have posted our space project ONLY on Pythom. Our new expedition plan is lofty, yes, but it’s also early. Not much to cover. And yet, look at the media it got us. California Sunday (dist. LA Times), Red Bull, BBC, UK London Times… The eyeballs you get here are the ones that matter. The community and the media registered on Pythom are leaders. Like you and I.

We are your audience. So write for us. Write with us. It doesn’t have to be long. Shorter is better. Anything goes. It doesn’t have to be Mars, Everest, or the North Pole. The pics illustrating this story are from yesterday, at only 12,000 feet. But they speak about the uncharted, the untamed, the unguided.

Don’t try to please everyone. Ignore the critics. Write for only one person, the one who is just like you. Write what matters.

Be wild.

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