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Headlines from a great week of adventure

Amazon Jungle debrief; Interview with North Pole Husky; Everest winter attempt in final stages; Arctic Teams about to descend on the ice; Earth like planets in abundance.


Too much weight for North Pole plane – Skiers in Resolute Bay correne

Txikon back to Everest by helicopter pythom

North Pole Interview with Sky the Dog “Things might get bloody” tina

Dixie Dansercoer: North Pole Gear and Antarctica kiting correne

WheelchairTrip – Through Mountains, Jungles and Swamps piotrch

Seven Sisters: Multiple Earth-Like Planets orbiting One Sun pythom

Events and Expeditions

Iceland expedition: sharing adventures and education correne

Expedition Dispatches

Light at the end of the jungle Ascent of the Amazon: Pete Casey

Getting Cranky Lisa Blair Antarctica Circumnavigation

It’s a Go! Bill Burke

CRÓNICA | ¡Ya estamos de vuelta de en el Campo Base! Alex Txikon

In Resolute Bay, High Arctic Sebastian Copeland & Mark George

10 Days of Silence Colin O’Brady,

A night on Kilimanjaro’s summit: the videos Mark Horrell

News from Around the World

Álex Txikon vuelve a por el Everest invernal con un nuevo equipo de sherpas Desnivel (Spain)

Just How Dangerous Are Zip Lines? Outside Mag

Space X is Sending Two (Rich) People to the Moon Next Year The Adventure Blog

5 Brands at ISPO 2017 NOT Just Jumping on the “Eco-Bandwagon” Outdoor Journal (In)

SEO In 2017 – What’s Changing And What’s Not? The Adventure News Daily

Opinion: Slow Change Is Good For Sea Kayaking Adventure Kayak Magazine

Have you got what it takes to go Coast to Coast? Red Bull Adventure

The Story of a Local Ski Shop that Survives Against the Odds Adventure Journal

Video: Meet the 12 Year Old Climber Who Has Set His Sights on the Seven Summits The Adventure Blog

Announcement: Everest 2017: Team Locations and Headlines Alan Arnette

Opinion: The Lands Fight in Utah Is All About Symbolism Adventure Journal

Everest invernale pt. 1, le più belle foto (Italian)

How Awesome Are Your Dreams? Adventure Journal

Roll with the Times Adventure Kayak Magazine

Parapendio: caccia al record sull’Everest (Italian)

He’s been around longer than you think. And you’d think he’d have a major sponsor. Surfnewsnetwork

Marco Confortola inaugura una nuova scuola in Nepal (Italian)

Red Bull X-Alps 2017, how to prepare for the world’s toughest adventure race Planet Mountain

In forma con la slackline (Italian)

What will you be doing at 57 years young? Chris Owens at Backdoor, Feb 3, 2017 Surfnewsnetwork

Watch Canadians Climb Remote New Routes on Greenland Gripped

Txikon back on Mount Everest Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

5 tips for winter sea kayaking Canoe & Kayak

Off Route: 7 Must-Read Climbing Links From Around the Web Climbing

Txicon riparte per l’Everest con gli auguri di Steck, Barmasse e Göttler (Italian)

The Unlikely Origins of Outdoor Slang Outside Mag

Video: Kayakers explore Kurssuaq Canoe & Kayak

The Human Geography of Africa: Getting Off the Beaten Track TDA Global Cycling

Crazy voyages: Sailors who took to sea without the relevant experience Yachting & Boating World

Video: Man rescued after clinging to boat for more than 12 hours Yachting & Boating World

Preserving The Wilderness Has Costs And A Price Adventure Kayak Magazine

Save Orissa’s Giant Refugees—Elephants Abused by Human Mobs Outdoor Journal (In)

Video: Elephant Chases Visitors For Miles in Kruger National Park The Adventure Blog

Interview: Augmented Reality Climbing Games Climbing

Strong European Team Frees Big Wall in Patagonia Gripped

Cycling the Surreal Bolivian Salt Flats TDA Global Cycling

Training for life: Outdoor against Cancer Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Paine Towers, Nicolas Favresse, Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll and Siebe Vanhee free another big climb in Patagonia Planet Mountain

I Belong To The Ocean Sidetracked Stories

Mystery of the large safe found at the bottom of the Regent’s Canal Yachting & Boating World

Simone Moro, Tamara Lunger e la misteriosa spedizione primaverile (Italian)

Jamaica by Kayak: Island Bound Canoe & Kayak

Butch Cassidy 8A by 13 year-old Leo Skinner UKClimbing

Winners of Vancouver Mountain Film Festival 2017 Gripped

How Localism Is Ruining Backcountry Skiing Adventure Journal

Video: British rower airlifted from the Atlantic after boat capsizes Yachting & Boating World

Allenamento ed alpinismo secondo Hervé Bamasse (Italian)

Everest Invernale, riflessioni di un’invidioso (Italian)

Help this Pro Indian Skier Get to the Olympics Outdoor Journal (In)

Climb Everest in Virtual Reality on the Oculus Rift The Adventure Blog

Special expedition training Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

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