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Mountains and Numbers

Nine months after launch in March 2006, well funded Twitter only had a couple thousand users. Pythom got that number already in private beta and the figures are accelerating. Since opening for public viewing on May 10, we’ve seen a monthly increase in users of 600%, in page views of 700% and in total time spent on Pythom from 94 hours to 940 hours – or 1000%. Full story in links.

In other news last week: Pakistan kicks off, Laila Peak claims a ski-mountaineer, harrowing descent in Alaska, Everest veterans give their take on accidents, Greenland ski season wraps, and more.


Pythom: Faster Growth than Twitter, Reach Beyond FB tina

Pakistan: Laila Peak claims ski mountaineer pythom

Everest 2016 season .. the first Australian woman to climb Everest gives a different perspectivebrigittemuir

First solo in Alaska: 12 hours up, 3 days down pythom

Ice Horizons 2016 successful Greenland crossing icehorizons

Summer 2016 Kickoff: K2 Commercial Teams, Nanga Parbat is Back and Some Interesting Expeditions raheel

Events and Expeditions

Sailboat to Circumnavigate North Pole ListofExpeditions

Greenland to Scotland kayaking attempt about to start ListofExpeditions


Greenland Windsled update correne

Market: Trips, New and Used Gear and Books

Everest 96 brigittemuir

Expedition Dispatches

Broad Peak underway Mountain Professionals

Si2 landed in New York City after a flight over the Statue of Liberty Solar Impulse

In Sharpness dry dock North Pole Sailing Circumnavigation

six happy faces Borge Ousland Polar Exploration

Verfolgen Sie unser Concordia Trekking in Bakistan live AMICAL alpin

Rainy week across Ecuador Madison Mountaineering

Bouldering in Japan.(My first time there) Hans Florine: speedclimb

Greenland Crossing 2016 – post expedition summary Icelandic Mountain Guides

Denali Summit Video Colin O’Brady,

BEAM Closed as Crew Packs Spaceships for Departure Space Station

Crossing Greenland – So Familiar, So Different Jaakko Heikka (Finland)


Men’s Journal Magazine covers The Last Great March Sebastian Copeland & Mark George

News from Around the World

Las históricas nuevas rutas españolas a los ochomiles de Pakistán Desnivel (Spain)

Why K2 Will Never Become Everest Alan Arnette

Due alpinisti morti sulla Presanella (Italian)

Italian fell to death on Laila Peak Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

In cima al K2 senza i piedi (Italian)

Everest e K2 montagne domate? (Italian)

Elite Athletes Want You to Eat More Brains Outside Mag

Japanese Team Climbs New Line on SW Face of Asperity Mountain in Waddington RangeAlpinist

Trending: Hammock Camping Hang Time Canoe & Kayak

Pedro Oliva Runs 82-foot Falls in Amazon Canoe & Kayak

The Climb: A Virtual Reality Climbing Video Game Climbing

Watch the Animated History of Big Wall Climbing Gripped

FRI NIGHT VID: How to be a Rock Climber UKClimbing

Becca and Sara Frangos on Climbing in Olympics on CBC Gripped

Everest season “as normal as it could have been” Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Leonardo Comelli perishes on Laila Peak in Pakistan Planet Mountain

Two people found dead on motor cruiser in Norfolk Yachting & Boating World

Las agencias baratas salen caras en el Everest Desnivel (Spain)

Laila Peak, sogno spezzato (Italian)

Ask Answer Man: Can I Smoke Weed and Climb? Climbing

Colin Haley Solos the Infinite Spur, Gets Caught in Storm During Descent Alpinist

Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey Trailer Gripped

Video: French skipper Coville sets new distance record Yachting & Boating World

Watch How to be a Rock Climber Gripped

Big Alpine Highline is the First in the Bugaboos Gripped

Creek Stewart’s ‘Survival Hacks’ Is Full Of Fun Tricks, But It Won’t Help You Survive Outside Mag

Laila Peak, muore giovane alpinista italiano (Italian)

Watch climbing from the sky (Italian)

Touching the void – immortal stories Planet Mountain

MAIB: Death of skipper of the Carol Anne was avoidable Yachting & Boating World

Help or hazard? Why GPS may be leading us astray The BMC

Bentornato Nanga Parbat (Italian)

Fishermen rescued after their boat sinks in the Atlantic Yachting & Boating World

Karl Unterkirchen Award, si premia l’eccellenza dell’alpinismo (Italian)

Lessons from the Trail: How to Strap a Canoe on a Float Plane Canoe & Kayak

Big waves & Big wipeouts in the RedBull Cape Fear event Surfnewsnetwork

An Intro from the Hamer Brother on Climbing vs Bouldering Berghaus Community

Jack MacGowan’s Top 10 packing tips for long distance bikepacking. Berghaus Community

Ferran Latorre: “La esencia del alpinismo es la incertidumbre” Desnivel (Spain)

10 Reasons to Cycle Africa from Cairo to Cape Town TDA Global Cycling

Una expedición polaca, dispuesta a ‘mejorar’ la travesía G1-G2 de Messner y KammerlanderDesnivel (Spain)

Colin Haley Solos the Infinite Spur on Mount Foraker Gripped

Las mejores expediciones al Karakórum del verano de 2016 Desnivel (Spain)

Everest 2016: The Climber’s Depression Abyss Alan Arnette

Karakoram 2016: K2 Ramps Up, Nanga Parbat Reopens The Adventure Blog

Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo y Mikel Zabalza anuncian su expedición a los Gasherbrum este verano Desnivel (Spain)

India, nuove regole per arginare i morti sull’Everest (Italian)

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